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Trevor Sansom

Investment Sales Associate
T. 646.403.4467 | C. 916.467.6801

Trevor is XRE's high-spirited sales associate who focuses on middle market transactions.  Trevor serves as a fundamental pillar in XRE's mission, as he is the medium between XRE and it's "one off" client's. He has wide-ranging residential and investment sales experience, enabling him to be best suited to deal with challenges irregular market participants face when they are at the confluence of disposing of property, to reallocate value; or to service their personal preferences.  

Trevor is savvy, tenacious and grounded; enabling him to source a large number of potential transactions through pursuing a set conventional processes, while creating a dynamic feedback loop which paves the way for XRE to pioneer sourcing methods which streamline inefficiencies surrounding the sourcing and facilitating transactions limited to"one off" clients.

Trevor's greatest asset is that he manages to remain a student of the market by targeting every transaction and situation with curiosity, while applying his underlying market experience. In addition to assisting "one off" market participants to achieve their goals, Trevor actively covers the Bensonhurst, Sunset Park and Park Slope markets, where he manages a sizable pipeline of exclusive and off-market opportunities.

When Trevor isn't on the streets championing XRE's mission, he can be found kicking it with friends and family or playing in his band.

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