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Mohammad Rahim

Investment Sales Associate
T. 646.403.4467 | C. 347.522.2571

Prior to joining XRE, in pursuit of redefining the Commercial Real Estate Deal, Moe served as an analyst at a world-renowned hedge fund, Point72 Asset Management (formerly known as S.A.C Capital). Over the course of his continually dynamic tenure at Point72, Moe learned how to organize and manipulate large data sets to investigate discrepancies. He also gained tremendous exposure to different financial instruments which further spiked his interest and proficiency in the financial markets. During his time at Point72, he honed his investigative abilities and his knowledge of the financial markets.


Although he experienced a tremendously steep learning curve at Point72, Moe felt as though his skill set was better utilized and improved, if placed in application to bring tangible value to a young company which is seeking to redefine a category within an age-old industry. Upon, acquainting himself with XRE's team and mission, Moe was genuinely intrigued by the inefficiencies which exist within an industry which unequivocally impacts all facets of our society. Upon scrupulously weighing his experiences and skill set organizing and streamlining large data sets, processes using technology and his natural ability to interact with people and nurture long lasting relationships built on trust; Moe reached a level of self-realization. He decided that he would join XRE's team on their journey to build a firm which plays an integral role in creating efficiencies within the Commercial Real Estate ecosystem, while concurrently working to define new categories within the industry. 


Moe is a licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of NY. Moe's primary goal is to generate deal flow. He strives to ensure that seller's price with confidence. Also, Moe extensively contributes towards the development of systems and processes which efficiently streamline the deal process in a cordial manner, matching buyers with sellers enabling them to engage in fast and secure deal making. 


Moe is the eldest of 5 siblings (3 boys and 2 girls). He is fluent in Dari (Farsi Dialect) and is working on getting better at Spanish and German. He currently resides in Astoria NY where you can find him rocking his gang green gear every Sunday (even during the offseason) in support of the NY Jets. During his free time, you can find him playing basketball or honing his poker and board game skills. 

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