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Lins Agokeng

Director of Investment Sales 
T. 646.859.5124 | C. 646.575.1713 

Lins is a strong thought leader who has consistently built immense competence across a variety of fields ranging from real estate, finance, social activism and community development. Lins is XRE's charismatic sales associate who approaches every transaction and sourcing opportunity with a champion's mindset. His relentless work ethic, paired with his empathetic approach to deal-making has made him extremely capable of managing transactions between one-off sellers and active investors.

Lins began his professional career as a commercial real estate analyst. During his tenure, he analyzed a wide range of transaction opportunities across multiple asset criteria and investment strategies; thus, gaining a comprehensive understanding of valuation and sourcing. Although Lins found the field of work extremely engaging, he eagerly sought to gain diversified financial experience in the corporate sector. As a result, he chose to pursue an opportunity with Bank of America, where he spent two and half years in their restaurant finance group. At BoA, Lins gained fundamental skills which prepared him to take on a diverse set of opportunities in the financial sector. However, his long found passion lead him to rejoin the real estate industry. After engaging in a long and exciting thought process as to what the most appropriate method of entry would be, Lins decided to join XRE as an Investment Sales Associate.  Lins believed that our young firm would provide him with the ultimate platform to build his book of business and knowledge of commercial real estate, while subsequently contributing towards XRE's ambitions.

Lins' diversified experience has enabled him to assist buyers and sellers by utilizing market data and a self-curated analytical approach which ensures that sellers price with confidence, while consequentially pairing opportunities with investors in a streamlined manner. Lins actively covers the Bronx market(s).

When Lins isn't conquering his territory; he rejoices in cheering on his favorite sports teams: Jets & Mets. Aside from XRE and watching sports, he spends a vast amount of time reading, learning and investing. However, he seeks the most joy spending time with his friends and large family.  Lins is fluent in French. He currently resides in the Bronx.

Lins graduated from DePauw University with a degree in Finance. 

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