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Yagnesh Reddy Vangala

Co Founder
T. 646.403.4469 | C. 609.529.1722

Yagnesh developed a keen interest in Commercial Real Estate when he interned for a prominent NYC developer during his sophomore year of college. After tackling roles in the financial services industry, Yagnesh realized that his curiosity consistently channeled Commercial Real Estate. To fulfill his evolving passion, he decided to pursue a position as an Investment Sales Associate at a prominent Commercial Real Estate Advisory firm, which he believed will provide him with ubiquitous knowledge of the NYC Commercial Real Estate market, Real Estate Transactions, and Valuation. Rightfully so, Yagnesh gained a comprehensive understanding of the Commercial Real Estate eco-system; the landscape of NYC marketplace, and intricacies of the deal-making process.


While he gained a vast amount of experience in a short period, he lacked understanding of the acquisition process, hence found himself at crossroads while articulating the value proposition of potential transactions to buyers and sellers. To fill this knowledge gap, Yagnesh switched to an acquisitions role at a Real Estate Private Equity firm. Here, Yagnesh sourced and underwrote prospective real estate transactions catered to meet a series of investment criteria, consequently gaining a thorough understanding of the acquisitions process. After a productive stint as an acquisitions associate, Yagnesh then transitioned back to the advisory vertical, where he managed a team and facilitated transactions for a wide range of sellers and buyers, across an array of asset classes and transaction types. 

Although Yagnesh thrived in their previous role, he was unable to overcome the unwavering lack of streamlined deal-making processes and market transparency, which clouds the commercial real estate eco-system, despite the existence of transformational technology tools which can sufficiently pave the way to a progressively efficient marketplace. Based on this premise, Yagnesh, along with his colleagues, set off on a mission to launch XRE. 

Aside from work, Yagnesh loves spending time with his family and friends. He frequently travels to India to visit his family. He is fluent in Telugu, Tamil, and is working on getting better at Hindi. He currently lives in Secaucus NJ; he is an ardent NY Jets fan and a proud supporter of Seton Hall Basketball.

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